OPN 4720 / BID 4650 / OFF. 4706 / MOV. 82 / VOL 14852 / DIV. YLD 0.00 / LST TRADE VOL 2 / VAL. 69021546 / AVG. PRICE 4647


"The search for economies of scale, the careful attention to costs as well as the ability to focus our skills on a few large buildings and centres has been a consistent feature of the Acucap business model."

Acucap Properties Limited carries on the business of a property holding company through the ownership of investment properties by its wholly owned subsidiaries.

Acucap maintains a commitment to transparency and quality in disclosure and communication. It's our hope that this website serves as a useful point of reference – not only on matters directly concerning Acucap and its unit holders but also on the property market in general.